who is on the floor?…

Today’s a freaky Thursday.  it should have been a throwback Thursday huh, but nah, we do not have that in the Kingdom.  It is either you go out here smiling or freaking-out! And everyday is a deja vu, not a throwback!

But today is freaky in a different way…

So me and the Black Widow switched days, that is why I am here on the other side of the Kingdom with the Avengers.

At 5am, I was surprised to see Black Widow in the floor… eh, I am pretty sure that I should be in the floor today.  It turned out– she was here to help as we are short-staffed… and she will be one of my Techs, freaky, LOL!

7am, the Iron Man arrived in a hurry, mumbling about how she was stuck in a bad traffic from I15 to 91 to 55 to 405. Who wouldn’t? She live in the mountains, LOL! A fashioned mountains anyways, with the biggest known casino in town.

And there were three of us RNs — on the floor for the first time… how prolific!

Or Epic???

Since we are missing one, I tried to message Sentinel to come in and bring us lunch as she is the only person missing and the Nautilus of Captain Nemo is set to submerge.  After the nth message and maybe she thought she won’t be harmed to see us in the floor, she came and brought us their leftovers.


And there were the four of us — in the break room… leaving the floor RN-less!


Prolific: Ort galore


We were in the middle of getting loud when the big boss Nicky Fury caught us…

“So who is on the floor?”

A little later, the crowd of prolific people began to disperse… on to the Nautilus!


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