scandal no more…

I heard a rumor, it’s scandalous of sort!

The Kingdom is in havoc…

Last Thursday was the finale show of Scandal, a political drama series I’ve been watching since 2012.  The Gladiators’ were finally out in the open.  Olivia Pope, played by Kerry Washington, reclaimed her soul; her Dad unexpectedly sold out the entity he created and testified against it, the B613.

Fine, you’re not following what I’m mumbling.  All I can say is — I won’t have TGIT anymore with channel ABC.

Thursday is my one and only BIG break of the week, so I called it TGIT which matches up with channel ABC 7’s TGIT that I partake in: Grey’s Anatomy – Scandal – How to Get Away with Murder.  Oh I liked the TGIT crossover event shown in March, where How to Get Away with Murder went Scandal-ous and vice-versa.  Olivia Pope and Annalise Keating’s meeting was splendid!  And of course, Grey’s Anatomy had to crossover Station 19, a new series set to replace How to Get Away with Murder.

from Meredith, Olivia and Annalise

How to Get Away with Murder was the first to go… then there will be no Scandal — No more!

Scandal no more, so what’s with the rumor???

Prime and Iron Man are leaving the Kingdom, soon.

Hmm, that sounds odd.
Will there be any crossover happening soon?
Nah- uh. That was about it.
After all, there is no scandal that can be kept forever.



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