no more I love you’s…

I fret the day I died.


There should have been good memories to create, laughter to share with my fellows, and never-ending chit-chats in the chair.


Now, I will have a lot of missed treatments.  My phone will be ringing non-stop as Prime and Sentinel must be calling me back to back for not showing up today and the past couple of days.


My chest is aching.  Something is wrong with me, I can feel it.  They are working on me now, I’m probably due for my treatment.  Hmm, its getting crowded in here…why are they hustling with my heart?


Wait, I cannot breath, give me some space!

Stop pounding my chest!   gulp

My aching heart is bleeding.

Gulp, I’m drowning now.

It hurts.


I fret the day I died.


I have been here for several days now, and its cold out here.  I wonder if  Prime called me?  Did she get tired of checking on me?  Or she just stopped loving me?

No more “I love you’s”… the language is leaving me.

No more “I love you’s”… the language is leaving me in silence.

No more “I love you’s… changes are shifting outside the world.

I fret the days I am not in the Kingdom.  Things happen unexpectedly to the most unsuspecting people.

Ne-ne had to die.  The fellows are not aware of it yet.

There must be a genie in my coke bottle…


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