TGIF bandwagon…

How fortunate I am to end my week hustling with the most toxic family member (over-the-phone) of one patient from the other side of the Kingdom!

He won’t let me finish with my explanation, instead, he sounded like a dragon spitting fire in my ear! I guess I was yelling on top of my lungs that I disturbed the whole Clinic… my bad.

I hate Fridays!!!tg.jpg

Here I go again with my never ending story of I hate Fridays!

Ahh, don’t you just wish you were in the Philippines right now???


Back in the Philippines when Friday hits, I was always in the front row of the bandwagon called TGIF… much more it’s first Friday! Most Filipinos observe the first Friday of the month– hearing mass, I don’t or I did not. My bad. Maybe because I was schooled too much with nuns and priests shattered in the four corners of my nook.

My Fridays back then were made, above all, for myself or what I called my “self-awareness” thing— either, with myself and I, or me and my friends… I was away too much, it was weird for my family to see me around.

Now, I hate Fridays. No TGIF. I hang around with myself. LOL.


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