out of this world…

I like the story of Hachiko, yes! that loyal Japanese dog. I even visited his statue in Shibuya station. I also like the story of that worst dog named Marley, whose dying days were almost similar to that of my little sister’s Tapudok.


Mollie is a crazy “wacko” who’d always be in the backyard, used to eat stones or pebbles she retrieved when she was first adopted. Now, she won’t even eat a French fries!

But alas! One day, she dragged this — apparently, dead rat back door. And out of this world, she just sat there most of the day… mourning???? or keenly watching over the dead rat without a blink.


Out of this world: Mollie is mourning…


This is my personal interpretation of an out of this world… for Daily Post’s photo challenge.




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