causeless happiness…

Yesterday was my regular safe driving spree (is there any safe spree?) job, which took me a good 150-miles only and I was already ahead of my schedule! See, I told you, I will get used to driving around again.

Hmmm, I can be an UBER or Lyft driver in SoCal…

During my rounds, I bumped into some Doctors I worked with in the Kingdom. Most were surprised to see me doing the rounds. Lately, I didn’t get any of those usual ‘hey, I didn’t know you are an NP’ or ‘ah, am I in a wrong place or you are?’

Bumped into Dr. Sara yesterday, who is an early bird too. I was done seeing my patients in that clinic while she was just starting hers, we had our casual greetings, then she asked me in a friendly manner, “so how do you like the rounds? Seeing patients is nice and better, right?”

Told her I’m getting the hang out of it. Liar!

Actually, I am worried about the quality of my service because of the number of patients I needed to see in a short, strained and limited amount of time.

But what keeps my sanity while I drive from one clinic to another?



Those withering deciduous trees!

Geez! I love the sight of it… it’s awesome.

I have a thing for dead or dying trees, they can draw a smile on my face! Oh no, not in a morbid way, though. It gives me a thrill, a tingle of happiness…

A causeless happiness!

I likened it to an orgasm.

I was once asked, ‘so Geena, what makes you happy?’

I thought for a second…
But nothing. Long silence. It was a deafening silence, for real.
When I opened my mouth, what came out was
‘I don’t know.’

When we hung up, there was that feeling of sadness inside.
Wow! After all these years I lived on this earth, I do not know what would make me happy, definitely not a withered deciduous tree…

It’s a shame.


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