How unlikely would it be to get sick or not feel well and you are not aware of it?  Or let me rephrase it to – how likely it is that you are under the weather yet you’re not aware of it?

Hmmm… dim but possible.

Sentinel have a lot of anecdotes in her pocket to share every time I come back in the Kingdom from my every other week world-alienating  work as NP.

She said, she was dumbfounded knowing our other Mama Sia did not know she has renal failure.  Hmmm, that is too unlikely and unfortunate.

Any or each one of them (our patients) who sets foot in the Kingdom knows their ESRD.  I am pretty sure their PCP or Nephrologist explained to them their condition, that they needed dialysis.  It was unfortunate to hear that Mama Sia had the biggest surprise in her life — her kidney is not working anymore!

And so did Sentinel, she had the biggest surprise in her entire hemodialysis stint, stated “na-werla si aketch nengTinusok na’t lahat, tatangalin na lang ang catheter, hindi pa nya alam na may sakit sya sa bato at sira na ang bato nya“.


Ah, I cannot translate that… honest, it’s better written and heard in Tagalog.  She did reinforce educating Mama Sia about the kidneys and dialysis.


How likely would it be that you already ditched your girlfriend, and she doesn’t know it yet?




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