bring it…

Finally!  Missy’s calcium level is within normal range.  But my Dietician is in limbo with her algorithm — either to discontinue or go on with her oral Calcitriol dosage knowing our Missy has a hungry bone syndrome.

Hungry Bone Syndrome (HBS) is a prolonged hypocalcemia associated with hypophosphataemia and is exacerbated by suppressed parathyroid hormone levels, which follows parathyroidectomy in patients with severe primary hyperparathyroidism.  Also, in Missy’s case, she already developed a bone disease preoperatively.

Missy had two hip replacements, and she may be in her wheelchair but it doesn’t stop her from taking the steering wheel and drive herself to treatments with her Dad.


Bring it girl!


I watch the Lifetime series Bring It and The Rap Game every Friday, which I discuss with Missy as she watches the series too.  I tried to watch whatever my patients are into, that is how I build my rapport with them.  My partner RN discusses the Game of Thrones with her patients.

Coach D of Bring It was off the air the past month and the Rap Game just concluded last Friday.  I was glad it was Street Bud, the 12-year old boy, who won this season.  You would love him the way I did, he had an unlikely childhood but still he strived hard to fulfill a dream.

Just like my Missy… she had the bone problem all her life and she is hard of hearing too.  But it didn’t stop her.  Now, she manages to weigh herself alone in the scale.

It makes me wonder… I should stop worrying too much for myself!


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