It’s good to be back in my Kingdom… after whacking my head and butt the past days.  What’s more to seeing old faces???  They express their concern for you and chant their unending “I miss you”!!!

Oh, really?  Well, at least the Black Widow didn’t cover for me, I was still intact and never sold per piece!

I told them not to worry and wait for the rain… because when it rains, I multiply!  And there will be a lot of my kind and it will be swell living in this Kingdom!mmm

Hah!  I am vain!  And I am a gremlin.

Remember that movie? The Gremlins is a comedy horror back in 1984.  Gizmo the very first mogwai/guai shou (monster) was sold with a warning: 1. do not expose it to bright lights or sunlight, which will kill it; 2. do not let it get wet as it spawns other creatures, and 3. never feed it after midnight as it turns to a gremlin.

I like it here in California, as I can freely move around without fear of spawning gremlins in my neck or back LOL!  I love the lights, but too much sunlight kills me.

My patients will just have to wait when they see me around… as

 I am away too much,

 it is weird

 to have “me” around.



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