killing me softly…

Strumming my pain with his fingers…

Singing my life with his words…

Killing me softly with his song…

Aylmer the Queen bee is not hitting his high notes this time, he is complaining of a back pain… “it’s a stabbing pain, Geena, I’m so frustrated…it’s killing me”.

I read an email last Thursday… the one I’ve been waiting for ages… that sounded crucial to my being.  I read it once.  Thud!

I felt a thud in my chest… it’s like a hard kick in my heart.  It hurts.

It was a very strange feeling.  I was quiet the whole duration of my flight.  I had a lazy long weekend and I know I was feeling off.

Monday came.  I received a very important call that sounded crucial to my being.  I heard it once.  Thud!

There’s that weird thud in my heart again!  It hurts so bad.  It felt like someone just punched me real hard… NO, someone stabbed me!  It hurts.  I felt the pressure of the arm driving into my chest… but I don’t see any blood.

So this is how it feels — getting stabbed twice straight to your chest.

It hurts so bad.  Now I worry for myself.


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