Antonia’s line…

I worked on the other side of the Kingdom last week with the Extraordinary People team. It was good to be back to old and new faces.

I admitted a new kid at heart who refused to be wheeled to his chair, so, it took us 3 minutes, I guessed, to reach a 10-strides seat.

by: sajbrfem/flicker

In front of him was the already settled Antonia, who saw me handing all the kit for our new admits, including a soft and comfy blanket.


Antonia reacted, called my attention and asked, why didn’t I gave her a blanket.

Oops… sorry Toni but you’ve been in the Kingdom for sometime now, it must have slipped your memory that you were given the same thing before. LOL.

Anyhow, she continued to kid around calling me “racista”. I amused her, saying, hey how can I be racista when I am as Mexicana as you are, besides you are already beautiful— so you don’t get to have everything!

Darn! It sounded like that movie…. Antonia’s Line, have you ever watch it?

It’s like, I was watching the movie Antonia’s Line, where Antonia said “you can’t have my hand, but you can have the rest” to the guy who was courting her. Isn’t that conducive for a guy?

I remembered last year when our Antonia had her AVF placed. I kept educating her to exercise the arm with the squeeze ball we provided to help it mature…

Or she can use the balls of her boyf….

Okay, that’s it. We’re done here.


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