expect less, bare less…

I hate Fridays, it’s where most politicking happens.

My supervising MD called, strangely, his opening was “hey Gen, I have a good news…” f… my heart raced and my head was in highway 101 thinking —he’s giving me a raise???

On a regular day, he would call me and right away bombard me with “why are you not returning my calls?!?… not even a mention of my name, yes, that’s how blunt he can be. So with that call from Friday, I was thinking ahead of my head or anyone’s head for that disconcerting “good news”.

Nah! No raise at all.

Ms. I feel pretty got her new kidney!  Hmmm, that was some good news.  She was indeed on top of the list!  The MD knows how I would drag my already worn-out feet to see her and listen to her thoughtless concern for others.

Wishful thinking no more!  Her positive thinking paid-off.

Not for me, though… I was hit real hard to the bone, last week.  My positive thinewnking did not pave the way for my sought after position.

Darn!  It sucks!

So I went back to my negative way of dealing with expectations… not getting bold, bare or NAKED… this way, I won’t feel off when mother nature punch me in my gut.

Save thy heart, expect less.


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