three in a row…

Did you miss the Super Blue Blood Moon?  I catch a glimpse of it as I am already in the Kingdom as early as 4:30 this morning.

Gawk!  It was awesome!

My favorite Mama Mia is back!  On a gurney though… but she is perfectly fine.  I was waving at her to get her attention, while the EMTs were busy figuring out how to transfer her in my treatment chair.  I called out her name.  She shaded her eyes with both hands and peered, the Clinic’s well-lit surrounding must have blinded her.  Then she found me… and smiled.  She was mumbling unintelligibly now, I have a feeling she was happy to be back home.

But then she is gone again.

Back in the hospital.

I hated it when I am, again, counting three in a row.  Two passed away from the other side of the Kingdom.

My Mama Mia is strong.  She will back.

My friend talked about “guilt as chitterlings of the emotions” which actually went straight to my already heavy chest.  She was right, it’s like a leftover food in my plate or a food particle stuck in my teeth.

I told you, I am my mother’s runaway bride… Or better yet, an ostrich???


I needed to forgive myself.


One comment

  1. Super Blue Blood Moon

    God gives us wondrous gifts
    They come when we least expect them which lifts
    Our spirits
    To new heights

    Once in a Blue Moon took on a magical luster
    In the quiet darkness of the sky the moon became more spectacular
    A phenomenon was transforming the moon
    And the brilliant vision would be present soon

    There was a full moon guiding our way
    And what we saw was a Super Blue Moon in full array
    Following that beautiful sight
    A Lunar Eclipse shadowed the orb’s delight

    Because of the cosmic condition of this night sky
    A spectacular change came over the moon before my eyes
    Slowly as the Earth revolved the moon took on a crimson hue
    This present from God is called a Super Blue Blood Moon to me and you

    The moon looked like a large orange-red balloon
    Sort of like a blood orange growing on a tree under the moon
    What was seen tonight was an incredible vision
    How lucky we were to see this miraculous illumination

    Patricia Tonelli


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