lost in emotion…

I was about to work on June’s CVC when she just bluntly asked me ” what would you do under the water with your man?”


Wait what? Did I hear it right?

She caught me red handed with that damn question!  WTF my 84yo June is asking me such?  So, I threw her back the question, “what will you do?”

She answered me back without a blink— “making out!”

Dumbstruck!  My jaw fell to the floor, literally!

I replied the second time she asked me.  I said ” I do not know.  I don’t have a man… or if he is ROM, I might drown him!  Kidding”.

I teased June if she has a man now while we continued chit-chatting but she declared — Oh Geena! I don’t have emotions anymore…

Aw, okay, same here June, I am lost in emotion— head to toe!

OMG call me crazy but I loved Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam’s Lost in Emotion.

I spent most of my school days in the 80’s.  It was the decade where my little brother was too loco high, like he was drugged, with the music of Club Nouveau, JJ Fad and Milli Vanilli.

I was in my teenage years where I’d buy a blank tape, yes that cartridge tape, and made my own recording from the radio!  Oh boy!  Making your own tape in those ages required adeptness!  Your hand or should I say finger, needs to be precise and accurate in pressing the record and stop button.

I was good at it.

I recorded the songs of Klymaxx, Atlantic Starr, The Jets, The Cars, Heart, Tina Turner, Sheena Easton among others.  That was the decade where Madonna and Cyndi Lauper was a big hit.  Tiffany and Debbie Gibson were the teen singers back then.

I jumped with The Pointer Sisters’ Jump for My Love , and not to forget Tina Turner’s Private Dancer — it’s a sad song but beautifully made… the very reason why I had the escort service as 5th in my job list back then LOL (remember my GFE post).

I think I love you from head to toe, I’m lost in emotions…


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