new kids on the block…

Its the season of new bloods on the block!   Both sides of the Kingdom is flourishing with fresh and new faces.

The newest kids I have were Mrs. White, an 84-year old lady who needed to have a caregiver next to her and there is Mrs. Gray whose spirits are still high in her 70s.  While preparing all the orders for these two back in December last year, I already have a notion on how they’d look like (I am not a xenophobe, I love them all).

It was the end of December when Mrs. Gray (an Asian lady who looked liked in her 60s) came, with all smiles, she walked toward the reception desk where I was standing, leaving her walker behind her seat.

I was dumbfounded!  Literally, I covered my mouth with my hand, waiting for her to fall (nahhh she did not, ok??)!  And stupefied because she looked too young for her age.

She managed to finish signing all the papers and before she turned her back we were both laughing, we found ourselves in joyful celebration for the benefit of having an Asian skin…now I’m a bigot.

See, you cannot judge a book by its cover.

There was a time or actually, on several occasion, I would buy a book by its cover or even by its title.  I am an impulsive buyer especially on ebooks.  I bought The Last Sin Eater ebook by impulse thinking it was grim.  The funny part of that purchase was— I was in the middle of reading The Mermuring Mermaid ebook! LOL!

And the funniest thing was—- I read both books in between patients or in between my shift.  The Mermuring Mermaid by Michele, is a fantasy novel about a human and a mermaid.

So, while I was drowning into the book’s abyss, I was taking care of my patients— ensuring that they will not drown!


Btw, Michele will be launching all her three books on Valentine’s Day.

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