sad movies…

What song makes you cry or saddens you when you hear it being played over the radio or just when you heard it around? Like, when somebody wails or I mean sings it in front of you with closed eyes?
Piano Man by Billy Joel, for no reason at all — it sounds sad to me. Time in a Bottle, These Dreams and Dreamin’ Again all by Jim Croce, I love all his songs, but it always left me with a heavy heart.

I cannot stand listening to the song The End of the World after my father died.

Sound of Silence. Tears in Heaven. Only Time by Enya. What about the instrumentals Song for Anna or Ballade pour Adeline?

I was out of the Kingdom since Monday, well, serving other patients on a different capacity. It’s fulfilling but the travel or driving in between Clinics is taking a toll out of me. I am starting to get the hang out of it again.

This new patient I met was stuck in his headphones when I extended my hand and introduced myself. He quickly accepted it while singing his heart out– ” oh sad movies always make me cry, oh sad movies always make me cry”.

Yes he was listening to Sad Movies sang by Sue Thompson and was wailing because he said he cannot helped it. “The song still makes me cry”. Blessed your heart. He was 75 years old.

Growing up, my mother made (not with force) us listen to all her LPs and I was born in the 70s so technically all the music fed to us was 70s down to the 30s! Oh yes! And the sad old songs I’ve heard were: Ballad of High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling) by Tex Ritter but I love the version of Connie Francis; Tell Laura I Love Her by Ray Peterson; Kiss and Say Goodbye by The Manhattans; and Kiss Me Goodbye by Petula Clark.

I share my love for oldies but goodies music with my little sister who liked The Cascades Rhythm of the Falling Rain.

 sad movies...


photo by C. Fox/State Library Victoria Collections

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