dead man walking…

Wow! I must be so stressed yesterday… I woke up late today.

Late for my tummy to be grumbling for coffee.  Late for my morning’s planned appointment.  late to realized that I am home alone again.

Yesterday was crazy infuriating!  Did you ever had a moment in your life where the people around you were too crabby purr-fect???  For reason that you are where they wanted to be right now?  Their insecurities just build up, they tend to disregard your authority.

Anyhow, yah, I was bombarded with all those sort of people since Monday.

I woke up today checked my phone and just jumped off my feet when I saw I have several missed call from a workmate!  Hmmm am I supposed to be in the Clinic today?  So I gave her a callback right away.

It turned out that she was returning a call from me apparently at five this morning!


I told her I just woke up and did not remember being awake at 5am, more so, made a call!16426_10152497750626366_1186361627719154528_n

This is Black Widow I am referring to, who happened to be Visayan (a tribe in the Philippines) too.  She insisted that I called her and that my number or name appeared in her phone.

After I denied calling her she said ” oh basig nibiya imong kalag ug nanawag (oh maybe your soul left your body and made the call)”.

That’s it!  Enough said.  I am a certified soul-less person now.  Or should I say, dead man walking ( have you seen that movie?)

So remind me again, when does the soul actually leave the body?




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