the scale and I…

There is always a battle in this scale.  Be it with the patient, the gurney, the wheelchair even with the walker.  Even between the scale and I.

Everyone who walks in our Kingdom must weigh themselves.  It is our way of knowing how much attention or magic the Sorceress needs to allot on you.  Funny but true.
Early in the morning especially Mondays, a stampede is never ending in the scale — either to an eager patient or a reluctant one! LOL I am sorry the idea or the sight of it is repulsive to them!  I admit it is too, for me.  That scale is in your way going to the lobby or to the medical records room.  I stepped on that scale one day for curiosity’s sake and I did not like the feeling, so I avoided it as much as I can.
But, take note, but when all the magic during treatment is over, ahh the sight in the scale is magnificent!  We do all the magic in our land and turn everyone who step in the scale a kilo or two or even four if we’re lucky, lighter in their three or three and a half hours comfy stay in our magical chairs!  No diet or exercise required, not even surgery… what we asked for is just an ounce of patience from all of them.
Although there are instances where one goes out of the land heavier than ever or no weight changed at all!  But I assure you he is feeling better than before he stepped in that scale.  We always strive our best to keep them fit and light that even you throw 30 pieces of silver in the scale they won’t sell me out.  
Hmmm that sounded like the kiss of Judas.  Oh I hated that feeling when someone is supposed to stand by you…but nahhhh….instead you were left open-mouthed and in aghast.  You didn’t win. There was a long silence, you looked at yourself——shamefaced.

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