the girlfriend experience…

The Girlfriend Experience is an anthology drama TV series that airs on a premium cable.  I started the first season that I followed its second one.  It’s an intriguing series exploring on the service provided for wealthy men and women whose desired relations are according to their dictates.  The second season was with a twist, I just do not like the fact that it was cut into two stories season.  It’s chilly fascinating!
So I wonder, what is that feeling or experience?  Hmmm that would have been 5th in my job list when I was a kid!  What??? LOL!

Cut!  (The photo is from posted by Wilson Morales.) 70a8a-thegfe

My favorite Mama had her share of that GFE years before. Chill! okay— when I said she had the GFE did not mean that GFE thing TV series ok? but just plain that feeling of a “girlfriend experience”. But it was cut short when Prince Charming had to transfer somewhere else.

Mama and Prince Charming was a regular for sometime when we noticed that Mama started wearing makeup and the reddest of the lipstick there is. She would wear her jewelries and all the bling she can carry. It was refreshing to see how she started coming in for treatment in a nice dress without her bowl of salad.

It went on for a year. Prince Charming will be in the lobby waiting for his treatment time and here I am on to that door wheeling out my Mama to the lobby after finishing her treatment and the two always had their casual “Ola”. The lobby was their rendezvous. But it was short. Prince Charming was gone one day. I do not know if Mama knew about it but she noticed it. And my Mama was back to herself again. No glow. No magic. I hope she is okay, she has been in the hospital before I took off two weeks ago and she is not back yet.

I am numb. I may not know the feeling but I am numb. Just like the GFE TV series— rejecting every preconception of how women are supposed to feel and behave.

We have several GFE in the past year. It was even an eye sore lording over my station watching down or over lovers’ memory lane…



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