Spanglish Totoy Bato…

It’s quiet now… on to my mundane existence– I needed to live by it or leave it. 
Hah mundane!  I have a recent acquaintance who loved to play with words and her treasure chest of vocabulary is really, really, really monumental!  That when I read her blog, I often find myself looking up for the meaning of some unfamiliar words.  That’s how massive it is, but I love reading her blog because I learn from it.
Okay, on to my mundane existence.  The Sorceress is busy working her magic while I checked on each of her wands casted on all my patients now.  Everything seemed to be working fine.
photo from Wikimedia commons
I stopped by Totoy Bato seated in a corner.  Asked how he was doing before I started my assessment.  I continued to hold a conversation with him to a mundane chit-chat.  My Totoy Bato is handling it well!  He blurted out a three or four-words sentence in straight English!  I’m awed!  Finally our Totoy Bato is a certified Spanglish!
I remembered the very first time we have Totoy Bato, he was so shy, he didn’t talk much as he doesn’t speak any English at all.  He did understand me in my crooked Spanish but sometimes I cannot keep up with him that I needed extra help—either I dial a friend or ask my legitimate translator (thanks Liz!) 
As he became comfortable with us I urged him to keep watching English channels in the TV while in his seat.  I am really rooting for Totoy Bato as he is still young;  I teased and half-jokingly told him “tu puedes tener muchas novias as you like if you can be bilingual”.
I hope he will continue to learn English so that the system will not eat him alive.  I am still learning, it didn’t stop, I needed to, while leading a mundane existence.  I even find myself caught up in my own webbed and twisted tongue during my last job interview. Seriously.

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