The Avengers…

In the TTS side of Avantusland the show is being run by Iron Man and the Black Widow.  The four Pods are manned by Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye and Hulk.  Together they form the Avengers!


Ms. Nicky Fury the FA, recruited them all including the Transformers.  Nowadays, she lives comfortably in her solitary knowing that her Kingdom is being manned and safeguarded by her trusted Autobots and Extraordinary Individuals.

Iron Man equipped with all her abilities and knowledge moves around everybody, when I say everybody it is spelled as EVERYONE including the invaders of the Land!  She used to be my partner and yes, she used to be an Autobot!  Let’s say she is Megatron a very nice one, the Megatron who used to be brother-in-arms of Prime in the heydays!  She is loved and trusted by all the patients even during the heydays.  In fact, during our reign together she is the Prime and I am more of the real Megatron– the bad one!
Black Widow teams up well with Iron Man, she is the best of the spies and agent there is!  She works everywhere.  I hope she won’t work against Iron Man to aid Captain America LOL!  She works under pressure — but her mouth travels miles away than her hands! LOL!  I hate her — she sells me out to my patients whenever she covers for me.
Captain America is the gatekeeper of the TTS side;  he has no superhuman powers but with the Super Soldier Serum and Vita Ray he possesses strength, endurance, speed, agility — uh uh not with our Captain America!  He carries out the work as required but in between patients he needed to go back to his ice chest or barrel to cool-off.  Remember Captain America was defrosted, right? Yeah, right!
Then joining him is Thor and Hawkeye.  Thor was stripped off his powers when his irresponsible behavior threatened his kingdom… same with our Thor in all his sarcastic ways.  He is a happy-go-lucky guy but works in a dash!  He can put on 2 patients in a 10 to 15 minutes window, tsk!  Just as fast as his hammer Mjolnir.  Hawkeye is the only girl among the TTS Techs (used to be all-guys team) and used to be an Autobot just like Iron Man.  She has no real super powers, but she is one of the Kingdom’s greatest marksman with a light hand.  Give her the most bruised arm there is — and she still can find a way out of it!
And the Hulk.  Little is known about him as he works discretely, in fear of the damage that the Green Man could inflict!  He works on his own pace, Iron Man often just help him out because she knew Scarlet Witch controls the Hulk and yeah we do not want to wake the Hulk!  This is the only Hulk I know that loves music.
So, you’ve met Avengers and the Transformers.  I am pretty sure y’all feel safe stepping into our Kingdom.  Welcome!
disclaimer: the movies, characters and such were the properties of their respective studios and that I was making no particular claims about them.

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