the game of thrones….

Sitting in the throne is no fun especially if you have you days scheduled ahead of you.  I was supposed to be making money the past days but I was stuck in what they called “jury duty”.  I have this scribbled yesterday but was caught up mending my colds so hear me out—

The sight in the cafeteria of the Courts is exhilarating.  But all you hear are busy bees buzzing around camouflaged in human faces of all walks of life.  I tried to sneak in a vacant spot, adeptly sank in, blending to a now harrowing swarm of bees.  But the buzzing is deafening, I tried to look at their masks—-one dressed in red had exactly the same number I am wearing, also I cannot help ogling at the bee in front of me with a blue tinged hair.  Darn!  How she carries her head without hesitation?  I am always known as the non-conforming red/violet haired fairy but hers is oddly different, should I try that?

I caught a glimpse of another bee behind me looking intently at my orts. Hey! this is me— a patient advocate…I eat what I preach!  Most of the white bees are eating bananas or holding one, nahh bad for the case I am hearing now LOL!

Back in my throne, the game was not played well.  The battle ground is already uneven before the game, you can see how the earth will eat you.  It’s a sinkhole.  I was a spectator of how the system ate its people, despite the fact that I have one coin at hand to wager.  I gave in my throne.  It’s like David and Goliath.  Goliath is fancy and David is always small!

I just wanted to end the games, just like a film director calling it a wrap!  I just wanted to curl up and disappear! 

I just wanted to curl up in my bed…. I have a nagging headache.  But hey! it’s a wrap now…I needed to get up and work. Thank you for hearing me out.  As promised, I will feature the Extraordinary Individuals tomorrow.

To Michele, for seeing me in an indistinctive manner— I hate your third eye!



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