The Transformers…

The MWF side of Avantusland is protected and kept safe by the Transformers led by the two known Primes — Optimus and Sentinel.  Guardians of the Pods are Ironhide in 1, Jazz in 2, Bumblebee is in 3 and Ratchet in 4.

 My partner in the station is Sentinel, she is soft spoken and handles any fire there is and she was once an Avenger.  She is kind and compassionate.  I just wish she is as quick as Prowl.  Hopefully she will not betray the Autobots for the love of earth!  I am Optimus, I may not be the last of the Primes but currently the leader of the Autobots (nahhh Sentinel won’t know this, she never read my blog).  Okay, just for this episode the Fairy turns out to be a heavy metal truck.  I move around everyone, even Sentinel!

Bumblebee in Pod3 is my most trusted Tech (okay, all of them) especially when starting a very small new fistula as the other trusted one I had before, moved to the other side and became an Avenger.  bumblebee  leads the team before I come in at 430am, she is the gatekeeper in the wee hours of the night.  That is why you cannot blame her if she loves to take a quick nap during our breaks.

Then comes Ratchet of Pod4 or Ironhide of Pod1 to join Bumblebee in preparing the day’s shift.  Ratchet is in the Philippines right now, so I have other Autobots or an Avenger man her Pod.  ratchet is respectful (unlike the real Ratchet) but yeah with a dry wit LOL!  She is loved by her patients and often sought out by Bumblebee’s patients when she is not around.  Ironhide is one of the oldest and toughest one there is.  She probably had enough replacement parts to build an army.  Seriously, she just went through her hip replacement and look at her now she is back running around in the floor.  Beware of Ironhide, she may not always see optic to optic with Prime but she is practical and a little trigger happy.  Just imagine the faces of her patients when she cannulate them. big LOL!
And there’s Jazz of Pod2.  She is good natured and always able to take things in a stride.  The thing with her is that she doesn’t respond well to changes and improvisation — she always wanted it her way.  And she is not a talker.  Liked and loved by her patients to the extent that she shoos them without a fight.  And she has a heavy hand!
Now that y’all know the Autobots, next issue I will introduce to you the Extraordinary Individuals.
“For in my spark, I know that this is not the end…
but merely a new beginning. Simply put…
another transformation”
― Optimus Prime ending Predacons Rising.

the movies, characters and such were the properties of their respective studios and that I was making no particular claims about them.

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