who runs the world…

As Beyoncé rants:
Girls, we run this mother,
Girls, we run this mother, yeah
Who run the world? Girls!
Who run the world? Girls!

Yes! Girls run the Avantusland— any day of the week.  From our FA down to our Techs and remember that closed door? There’s two giggly girls there!  Oh and of course, we are no man-haters!  We love them as there’s only three of them or four, or some who comes and go.
We’re not gender non-coforming nor we have gender dysphoria in fact we love gender outlaws!  Despite the fact that many people identify along a clear male or female division, some people consider themselves neither men nor women. Others identify as both men and women.
We love all of them; we always strive to create a safe, nonjudgmental environment for all our patients.  The whimsical unexpectedness??? We have most of them in TTS.  The TTS world PCT are mostly guys but still run by girls!  
Oh! and the most undefeated Queen???? Is Ayl!  He is still there— with his Sony headphones he gets up of his wheelchair without a struggle (now) and props himself in the scale.  His story is sad.  I might feature him one day.
But since I am out of the Avantusland this week, I will share to y’all how we run our world.
Girls, we run this mother, yeah!


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