wanted: hero for life….

A kidney transplant is a surgery to place a healthy kidney from a donor into your body. A donor is a person who has just died or a living person, most often a family member. A kidney from someone who has just died is a deceased donor kidney. A kidney from a living person is a living donor kidney (NIDDK, 2017).
Mr. S was one of our transplant patient in 2017. Kudos to him whose surgery really came in as a surprise.

I’ve known Mr. S since I transferred to this Clinic. Never was a day in his dialysis treatment that he had no complaint — be it with his treatment, with his Technician, with my Manager, with his blood works, or even with the floor of the Clinic!

Argh! These rich-bitchy patients sometimes will get into your nerves, but hey you cannot discount it from him because he is generous sometimes and well, he used it to his advantage! Rumor was, he bought his kidney or he brought in a donor from his foreign country. Rumor or not, I am happy for Mr. S and best, I am happy for me! Done were the days I had to explain to him why his potassium is up or why can’t I run his blood flow to more than 450 or why can’t I pull out 4 kilos in his two-hour stay.  

“I did run your treatment last time to 4 kg and you can’t hardly get up from your chair because you were tired” I told him one time; who wouldn’t get tired with that fast fluid pull from your system? Your heart will be racing with how fast the blood will get berserk in your system! There was even a time when his blood pressure was super low and he was dizzy, instructed him to rest first and I will check him in 10 minutes; nahhhh he did not listen, stood up, wobbled to the weighing scale! Good he was pretty thin for his tall stature, I easily grabbed him and placed him in the first chair I reached.

Anyhow, I am happy. Oh the day after his surgery he called me in the Clinic to thank us for everything.  He said he will come visit us. I told him to recuperate first, that he cannot be out in the crowd until the doctors will give him a clearance.

It’s been two months. I hope Mr. S is doing well and doing his best.  We have transplant patients before that came back to the Clinic to thank us, there is even this one guy who cannot get over the attachment he has with his “former mates” in the Clinic that he still frequents the Clinic just to say “hi” to all of them.

Last Christmas,
I gave you my heart,
but the very next day
your body rejected
the transplant
and you died.


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