the Sorceress….

When your craft is not the best in town you resort to a most sought after witchery there is!  If and when it is not working at all and you have patients that you just wish their whims and caprices, spelled as whining and complaints, will disappear – you resort to the most sought after sorcery!

My 2008T machine in the Clinic is the best Sorceress there is —- well, next to me!  Because in my patient’s eyes they see me as a FAIRY!!!

They see me as fairy who has a magic wand that will make all their nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath, high blood pressure or even their blood sugar of 600 disappear with just one stroke of my magic wand! Dang! Yes! Just like Harry Potter raising his wand to go to another world via Platform 9 ¾!

Or they see the power of the great Sorceress 2008T that can do wonders within hours of their treatments.  They all became clingy to sorcery! 

Mr. O who defies proper treatment schedule called, he said he is too weak that he needed dialysis and that he was unable to control his blood sugar at 600.  We have instructed him to go to ER as they can help him more than waiting for a chair-chance in my Clinic.  It’s hard to deal with uncontrolled BS in the clinic owing to the fact that Mr. O is also a DM 1.  They will do all their power too to topple you down with “I will let my Doctor know about this, blah, blah”.  That’s what happens Mr. O when you don’t come in your scheduled time! There is no guarantee that I will always have a spot for you as there are other lives my Sorceress needs to save.

So he ended up in the hospital as instructed by his Doctor.
Should I just turn my Clinic to an Urgent Care?  Or an ER?
Or I think, I need to polish more my craft—- witchcraft! And with this crazy wand — I will make them disappear! LOL!


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