last straw…

It’s officially 2018!
I am taking my single most break of the week, hopefully not the only break I will have this month!

Yesterday’s shift was crazy taxing! I thought it wouldn’t end.  We have had an ongoing issue with CJ’s AVF and finally it reached it’s end.  It just gave up and gave way to its last straw.  Blood seeped through whatever thick pressure packing we applied, gushing to his arm, soaking the blue pads underneath.

I got an order from the Doctor but still adamant to carry it out.  I tried to make phone calls— there must be another way.

I peeked over the clock in front of me while doing my charting; Lori’s been standing next to CJ for almost an hour now putting all the mighty pressure she can muster.  I’m so desperate to carry out the order and dial the three most sought after numbers.

Why are we putting it off????  Trust me, Lori and I have our reasons.  10AM.  I saw Lori back in her feet in the floor; CJ’s still in the corner with his wife, not holding any part of his arm which was neatly dressed in white.  Yay! Lori controlled the bleeding after an hour!  And we have him transported to ER via Lynch.  Thank you Lynch for coming in sooo handy!

The last straw.  The last weeks was pretty exhausting for all of us.  Working a full house shift is not easy when you are short staffed.  It’s like a dog running around missing one hind!  That’s it!  I reached my last straw!  Never again!  It’s 2018, things should change.  Fingers crossed.


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