death becomes her….

Death becomes her. A dark comedy fantasy movie. Drinking a magic potion with a promise of eternal youth. A triangle between an actress and the writer and plastic surgeon couple.

The hunger. An erotic horror film. Drinking the vampire’s blood with a promise of eternal life. It is the story of a love triangle between a doctor and a vampire couple.

I watched both movies (again) yesterday, too lazy to get out of bed. I loved both movies.  It’s funny crazy promises of eternal life. I wish I had that potion for my mother.

Death in the family is inevitable, especially my Clinic-setting family. How many of them passed away? Four? Five? Ten? I cannot recall. The surest thing there is— its greater than those I lost because of transplant. I hope none this coming year.

The saddest deaths I’ve encountered by far was with Mrs. King and Mrs. Queen. Both DNR patients. Mrs. King was easier, I noticed early in my shift one day that blood pressure was going low with skyrocketing pulse rate, I know that it was time for her to go. It was fast. I only made two or three ran checks on her and she was gone. Quietly.

With Mrs. Queen—it was crazy insane! I was notified by my CNA that she was not breathing anymore mid of my shift. So I rushed to her room, checked on her, even called my supervisor that day to rechecked. No, she is still battling it. So I kept checking on her in between my runs that day. At endorsement, I was still able to hand her to the oncoming nurse as she still had a pulse. When I went back to my shift the next morning, she was still there. While doing my ran that shift I was mumbling a prayer for God to get her and have her rest. Well, finally she was gone. But I was there staying until her body will be taken. Agony. Ahh Mrs. Queen why do you have to die at the end of my shift?????

In my Clinic now the worst news about death I had was with Monik. She was in too much pain while going through her treatments for several months. One day she was in the hospital, we heard the news that she died the day after she decided to submit herself to hospice. Sad. Remember Mrs. M? She passed away.

Oh and Ben’s death. We have had this poor thing back door near the garbage bin where we often take our breather. He was in one corner head down, never minding anyone who passes by his corner. Weird. After the end of the day he died, just laid there breathless.

We’re on our crazy ran again…a make-shift Monday on a Sunday, new year’s eve. We’re on schedule so far.
Happy New Year Philippines!


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