behind that closed door….

When you have a competent desk Executive Assistant you’re sure to end up with a glory day!
Liz is efficient. Ask her to do anything and she will do it in an instant, well, of course sometimes she forgets especially when her laughing buddy is beside her! She works quietly. You won’t even notice her leave the building unless she says her goodbyes! Ahh like her FA! LOL! Sneaky.

She is behind this closed door. This door used to be wide open years ago, and it just changed recently, for some stupid reason. Anyhow, open or closed door you can still hear her giggling or I can still disturb her with just a press of “transfer 10” in the phone in from my Station.

She is the “MAN” (as Paul often says) when it comes to translating for my Hispanic patients. I always ridicule her for getting a more paying job as translator, @#$% some people who knew how to use the language line are just too lazy they would always call her to translate. Geez. I am one of them.

As she passed by my Station this morning asking me something, I brushed her off and literally said something awful which she reacted to. “You’re mean Geena”. “Put it in you blog!” LOL.

Just right now— she just dashed off with her “yes! Certainly” when asked to call a new patient still admitted in the hospital…whew Liz you’re my superwoman! I wonder how you will carry it out.

And I wonder—- how can I live without you!
Every door you open
doesn’t have to be
walked through.

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