the oddness….

The 24th went by smoothly in the Clinic, though not as perfect as we expected as there were patients still that needed to be called and reminded but at least I went home knowing I painted a smile to most of them.
The sad thing was I had to sleep the night away as my sciatica kicked the hell out of me! Who would not? With a straight ten hours run managing everyone in the chair without complications, who wouldn’t strain oneself????
My consolation? Receiving this funny looking Teddy! We have our favorites, and this 70-year old patient of mine loves me so much she’s the only one who always personally give me crazy little things. For the last three Christmases that she was with us she handed me her 7-days bracelet, a perfume that looks like in a potion bottle, a handmade refrigerator handle and now this frowning Teddy.



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