political machinery….

What’s the crazy way to spend Christmas Eve?

Working 13 hours shift converting your clinic into a factory with my PCT as my machinery.
So instead of running everyone on scheduled treatment times, we’re two hours ahead.
Ahh the joy of giving-in to patients’ requested time as they are in a hurry to celebrate their own Christmas Eve, while I am praying real hard no ditch in between shifts will happen. Huh??? I thought politics stopped on Fridays????
Our team’s giving-back to patient gifts are LOTIONS! Just perfect for their needs as they end up with dry skin most of the time, plus the itching brought about by the increase levels of their phosphorus.
I’m on to my last two hours now of the 13-hours shift. Everything went well for the past 11 hours. We have 6 more patients left to tend.
Aghhh my feet is hurting now.

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