My PCP declared ” your Dexa Scan showed you have osteopenia, you needed to do some weight bearing exercises which will help reduce the rate of your bone loss…” and maybe help me get fit?!?!  I was waiting for her to say— I needed to lose weight so that my bones will be able to support me for a much longer time.

Hmmmm.  I need to lose weight.  My bones are endangered now of breakage unable to support my weight!  I was always within my BMI, but in the upper limits.  I was 120lbs when I arrived in the USA… after a decade, I rummage a whooping 30lbs that made me overweight for my height.

Should I be complacent knowing I am just overweight and not obese???

Nahhhh I need to do something about it now.

Lately, I’ve been blaming Ande with my weight gain, I always reminded her of the onion ring that she forced me to eat when I ordered a mixed tempura 10+ years ago, funny, but true.  I learned to eat onions now and whatever is served in the countertop table.  Same thing when I was growing up, we ate whatever was served in the table or you will be hungry the rest of the day.  But living in a tropical country with nil to average way of living made me thin or slim even without any strenuous exercise or any exercise at all!  You eat just to mend your growling tummy and you do a lot of walking just to attend school or go to work.

Losing weight will help me in the long run, especially that I am still breathing a month after my supposed expiration date.

I used to work on a 12-hour shift, which compensated my voraciousness with food as I was always on my feet standing, running, walking to and fro a shiny floor, even bathroom breaks and breathing treatments were too critical to take.

With my career advancement, came my sedentary lifestyle… overweight

Maybe, I chose the wrong job?!?!?

I tried intermittent dieting, diet pills, diet apps… nada!

In March, I finally enrolled with Jenny Craig.  I finished my whole two months losing 12lbs eating 1200kcal/day… and I felt great!

I am 140 pounds now, way to go with my 130 pounds target.  Per CDC, for my height a normal weight range would be 108 to 145 pounds…. wow!  It would be nice if I will be back at 120lbs!

I can do this.


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