resting bitch face…

I was staring at the computer when my MA startled me with “you are angry again” slapping down the next patient’s chart in my desk.

I’m not mad” I said.

This is my resting bitch face.”

He gulped and left in haste. A minute later 3 MAs we’re gawking in my door, I declared “now I’m angry and frustrated!”

I have been told that I am mean…

by mean— means most of the MAs dread the day they work with me… but most of them too would leave the clinic smiling after working with me… so it’s just my RBF.

It’s not that I do not know how to smile… I do.

It’s just my face and my RBF restraining me to smile.

My last patient’s complain was muscle weakness to right side of her face. She said she had a hard time drinking water as it just slips to her mouth, when she smiles her lip stays to the right side and she cannot control it, her right eye was droopy.

She was 23, no signs of CVA, no pain.

I treated her for idiopathic facial paralysis or commonly known as bell’s palsy.

As I was completing my POC… I smiled, oh well, I knew I did… maybe, bell’s palsy is the answer to my RBF!


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