twisted tale: a tribute…

Awakening before sunrise makes me ask, how does one grow up because I’m drifting from daydreaming reality, but I will be still, be present and behold an individually collective thought of dying anew, ah don’t release, let go; it is better, better, better.   Good morning to you, good morning to you!   I say, innocence – the wisest age of all because it’s getting better all the time!  
The dimensional magic and unconditional love are a morning prayer of awakening; the diamond restoration is in a labor of love for the love of the great mother, that comes from tiny little powerful spirits that are younique!   I wonder how will creativity change now that we are aware we’re creating reality? 
Why resist trusting in life when I am seeing clearer now?   What a beautiful day of choices — I am lovin’ it because of the good news.  A sweet promise is a calm before an adventure within a Thanksgiving because we are a family and now something completely differentfrom being truly free from it all (and they lived happily). 
How do we harmonize with discord? yet arrogance is the 8th sin that objects restoring humanity to humans?  Let the people go and create body awareness.   Is being right so important that if we are going to survive, we must get a little crazy –seal-ly? Who is it? Ah, Valerian – a lesson about living in glass city.  That is safe! You’re home. 
Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark even when life’s calling youououououou,and perhaps it is done. The lights of the round table called earth bring joy to the world to all the boys and girls.  
To my brethren in Virginia, who died because of scrambled scrabble? A hodge-podge of the bird brains of brainy birds.  You have to grow up and grow up up upupupupup instead of to stand here and think about someone you love. Oh le Claire de Lune, mon ami that is a loving frequency for the knights of the chocolate table.  Mama magic, please give a birthday gifts for everyone!Like a Sunday pleasantry on 11/11 and a one and a one and a one and a…  
A few of my favorite wild things such as money money money…money turn into a primordial matter, and I wonder what do you get if you cross a joke with a rhetorical question?  Yud lame yud, you’re lips are so big! Na na na na, naaaaaahhhhh! A truthfully twisted tale.

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