I just finished watching  “The Passion of the Christ” after the 10-hour the Bible movie.  Jesus died on the cross in the cruelest and barbaric way… for us.

Today is Holy Thursday.

Third week of the statewide stay-home-safe.  They determined this week and the next weeks to be the scariest…

What was normal weeks ago was shaken by the pandemonium called COVID-19.

For some strange reason my schedule was cleared the whole week, so I did partake to the statewide stay home safe act.

I asked Alexa to cancel my alarms after waking up at 730am last Monday.  The following days I started waking up late in the morning, watching non-stop Netflix and Amazon Prime, eating whatever Ande feeds me… not making any effort to take a daily bath!

I am in an odd crisis!

Isolation can be a good thing, the stillness doesn’t bother me…as long as I can keep them safe.  But they are stubborn.  Or I am a sissy.


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