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IMG_1717Guest post by Aliya Agbon

March is the biggest plot twist we’ve all had this year. We thought January would never end, February was short and sweet, but then March got all of us locked up in our homes. We all had a feeling this was going to happen, but we had no idea things were going to blow up like this.

If you live in a country that’s been put in lock down, then you’ve probably spent the last few weeks trying to make sense of everything that’s happening. Well, that and you’ve been doing your best to stay indoors, I hope. You try to get your daily updates so you know how to navigate around the disease, and you adjust to how long days have become, all of a sudden. When you’re used to the daily grind, being stuck at home can drive you nuts and the transition can be a wee bit overwhelming. That kind of explains why a lot of people have succumbed to posting videos on TikTok to keep themselves entertained.

                                                 A Sudden Disturbance in the Force
Where were you when WHO declared COVID-19 as a pandemic? Heck, I don’t even remember the answer to that question. All I know is, the moment I heard it, I had a sinking feeling that things are going to be different.

People in the medical field are expected to know everything about this disease, but the thing is, we don’t. Just like the rest of the world, this is the first time we’ve encountered it. Whenever a patient arrives at the hospital, we try our best to give that patient the best treatment possible. We encourage people to talk about what they’re feeling and the activities they did before they felt sick. Anyone can have COVID-19, but the thing is, not everyone will show symptoms. That’s how tricky the situation is. One wrong move and you’re out.

Each day is a race against time. For every one patient that recovers, ten dies. Each time the clock strikes, another individual tests positive for COVID. Hospitals are now full, and people from all over the world are battling over face masks, test kits, possible treatments… I could go on, really. It’s a situation I’m supposed to be used to by now, but one can’t help but question why all of this is happening.

                                                               A Different Perspective
I kid you not, I can’t wait for this nightmare to be over. I miss sleeping. I miss enjoying my meals. I miss taking long baths. I miss taking a nice stroll around the city. I miss everything. But this is where we are now. We need to deal with this monster of a virus.

In the rare instances that I do get to rest, I find myself wondering if this virus is the world’s way of telling us to remember to take care of ourselves, to respect boundaries, and to allow ourselves to rest. I believe there’s a lesson to be learned here. Maybe when the time is right, we’ll know.


About the author:

Aliya is a blogger, writer, photographer, and weekend wave chaser. She is a proud mom of two beagles and is currently based in the Pearl of the Orient Sea.


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