finding Nemo…

What keeps me sane working alone in a frantic 12-hour shift are my MAs and fellow providers in our other locations who are just an extension #s away.

Alí must be bored.

Last night, I was by myself on a 12-hour shift in one of our location.  Alí is on a 12-hour shift too but there’s three of them working in that location.  On to the last hour of our shifts, she kept bugging me in my solitude just to ask if I needed a boyfriend.  I told her, why not as long as he is rich and in his 90s, and I placed the phone down.

As I went back to my desk after seeing a patient, I saw my MAs giggling while on the phone.  The phone rang again in my desk, I saw the extension# and I’m pretty sure it must be Alí again, I ignored it.  One of the MAs answered it for me.  I told her to tell Alí  ‘yes but he must be rich and 90’.

I went to see my last patient in the treatment room, I introduced myself and asked him what brought him in today… he replied, “hello Doc, I’m looking to marry a Doctor but I’m not 90 yet”.

LOL!  He may have overheard the convo… Oh well, I forgot, was he rich?

In a recent ebook I had, Loving in a Grown Zone, Z. Green & A. Edmond cited that

So if we all have the capacity to love, and we all need love, why is love so hard to find? The conventional response to this question is that love—true, real love—is rare, and that finding it is a matter of luck, aligned stars and divine intervention. But the truth is a lot simpler: We’re not actually looking for it.

So how hard is it to find love?


Must be like– looking for a needle in a haystack…

Must be like– finding Nemo… and his pals, as they’re stuck in the dentist office fish tank.

The problem is, I was blinded by a notion of looking for a gigantic (read as: fat) Nemo…

And you? Oh well, Nemo shunned you since time immemorial, still you want him back.



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