reunion p2…

They gathered once more… same place, new faces.

This time with another classmate from the Philippines.  They’ve known each other for 50-something years but they haven’t outgrown that closeness or camaraderie since their childhood.

I dreaded driving off Ande to San Diego… with the thought of wasting not only eight precious hours… but two days!  So I prepped myself with my well-charged Ipad Pro and cellphone plus the 4th edition of Saunders’ practice guidelines.

Saturday.  Breakfast is always unappealing to me, especially that I know these bunch of golden girls would just end up sitting in the comfort of any diner or restaurant later, LOL.

We set-off to Cabrillo National Monument first and ended up in the “Kissing Statue” or the Unconditional Surrender Statue at the Port of San Diego after a two-hour harbor cruise.

I was amazed and famished!!!

The golden girls had all the stamina missing lunch for straight 8 hours! Now that’s a record.  So, there’s something that can be done, really, in an eight hour lapse.

Picture this — one had a recent heart surgery (she cannot carry heavy loads except her purse), the other uses a cane due to a torn meniscus (takes forever to wait for her hahaha just kiddin’), a roadrunner with ADD (LOL),  a very safe reckless driver (she makes a turn and parks at 60mph)…. a famished bystander.

Dinner was good.  They all agreed they committed a sin — gluttony.


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