when tides collide…

I left Avantusland quietly and so did Iron Man.  Iron Man though, broke Kuya’s heart same way Nicky Fury did!  Yes! Nicky Fury left Avantusland too breaking Kuya into pieces and everyone’s heart in the Kingdom.

When the head is severed from its body, everything just fall off to pieces… that’s what happened to the Kingdom.  Nicky Fury left, then Black Widow and Hawkeye followed, and Captain America too just this month.

Domino effect is real.  Just like depression.  You know what caused the Black Tuesday?  It’s the domino effect of The Great Depression.

Who is to blame?  I don’t care no more.


Last Sunday,  we all gathered ’round Nicky Fury’s place.  The weather was cold and suitable for grilling anybody’s ass, LOL.  Just two bottles of the Il Conte Stella Rosa flushed down everyone’s nerves and all’s out… even “the door is wide open” incident.

Laughter followed when the tides collide… and when all’s settled, the next reunion was set up sooner… and a hashtag BFF (#BFF) from Nicky Fury.

“Masaya maging Pinoy!  Don’t be ashamed of it!”


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