I’m afraid to fly

And I don’t know why

I’m jealous of the people who are not afraid to die.ccc

It’s just that I recall

Back when I was small

Someone promise that they’d catch me

But then they let me fall

And now, I’m fallin’

Fallin’ fast again

Why do I always take a fall

When I fall in love…

But Margie isn’t in love, she is just a fall-risk patient.  I was standing beside Thor’s cart when I heard a clunk and the cart just moved.

And I just saw Margie in the floor.  After assessing, we placed her in the chair.  Her treatment ran quietly, without complication.. without her whining and churning.  She didn’t have any recollection at all.

Dang!  That’s how out-of-her-world she was with the medication they gave her!

I’ve fallen several times.  I learned from it and saved myself.

No one’s there to save my ass…

No more…

I shouldn’t and cannot fall, no more.


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