Mufasa’s death…

Running around the floor by yourself is crazy, good thing I have all my regular soldiers with me, and the floor is shiny enough, I can even use my roller blades…

Mid noon, Mr. H passed by my station rolling with his walker and greeted me “Happy Easter”, happy Easter too I said.

I threw him a very straightforward pun known between the two of us– “will you have a fresh Bunny or the spoiled one?”

“Nahhh, she will divorce me soon”.

Mr. H is pretty new in my Clinic but the big guy has a big laugh and personality that he easily made friends around.

I often have small conversation with my patients every time I do my assessments.  He told me one day that his spoiled Bunny is leaving him soon.  I listened to him while he was recounting all their good memories, and that she just got tired of him.

I could sense the sadness in his voice… I tapped his foot and declared “we’re done here, keep checking your feet at home” when I saw he’s almost in tears.


Franze’s betrayed…

That’s hard and difficult to ponder.

I went back to my station feeling Mufasa’s death… betrayed by Scar.


P.S. thanks Franze for the pose.

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