he likes me…

Being appreciated for your work is nice but we don’t often get that as we are “paid” to do such job or work.


I don’t get “likes” often, even in my FB posts.

Being “liked” is even nicer, especially in my other world, my third world.

Easy, don’t be confused — I work three jobs, not four, not a quartet loads, but 3. There is my Kingdom, my safe-driving spree job and this third world.

The last patient I had yesterday in my third world was an all-smiling 9-year old boy, despite his nagging cough. After working with him, I wrapped up the consult reminding the little guy not to smoke. He giggled and said “I don’t smoke”.  Yes, I know that, I replied, but keep away from all those second hand smoke as it could trigger your cough.

He giggled even more.

my giggly nephews…

While walking them out to the lobby door, the giggly boy was pulling his Mom’s arm and whispered “I like her”.

Mom announced while in the lobby, “he likes you”.

I said “thank you”.

It’s hard to please everyone.  Getting “likes” is a nice feeling, much more from a 9 year old boy!

Bless the beasts and the children…



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