What could you possibly do in straight eight hours of your day?

Work!  Hmm, possible, but I am normally off on a Sunday.

Sleep!  Hmm, I like that better, but not on a midday.

Watch TV! Be a couch-potato.  Hmm, I like that even better.  But of course unless I have cable.

I drove Ande to San Diego yesterday to meet up with some of her high school classmates, one, straight from the Philippines.

When we arrived there, they started their casual hellos, I finished two of Obi-Wan Kenobi’s death sticks and they were not done yet with their first hellos.  Rissa, the hostess finally offered lunch to the nearest Mexican restaurant.  We were seated in a corner of the patio as they will be loud and noisy according to the four of them.  And it went even louder when the fifth one arrived.

So there was Rissa, Ande, Grace, Ely and Lolit…. the RAGEL were indeed loud. reunion

I sat myself in the far-end so they can be closer to each other but somehow the sun’s light bothered most of them as they tried to move their chair wherever its shaded.  I heard them say it gives them a headache.  Hmm, that’s strange! for such amount of light, I wonder, will I get the same headache when I will be their ages????

Over lunch, and actually even after chomping on their plates, the five-classmates were chit-chatting endlessly, recounting their childhood and teen years.  One or two agreed on one’s recounted event, then they’d laugh.  They were all on top of their lungs trying to outdo each other.

At some point the table I was in mellowed down, I could see them all on their own phones now….maybe trying to posts or update their statuses… I was getting sleepy now, my inefficient mind is now telling my eyes to shutdown.  Five hours had gone by!

I yawned… to no avail!

But finally one of them decided that its about time to go as the restaurant was trying to get ready to serve dinner to their patrons.  We went back to the hostess’ place.  I thought they were done.  Nope, not yet.  They settled themselves in the couch with all their coffee and teas and the show went on! And on, and on, and on, and on!

It was exactly eight hours….and I was counting.

Hah!  Reunions!


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