I have a nagging headache for the past days, its symptoms are that of a cluster headache but I have some episodes of a tension headache and that of a migraine.  I tried to fix my glasses when I wear them, trying to reposition it in a way that will give me haa clear visual of what I am reading.

Darn!  I think I needed to change my glasses or I have migraine now??? But Excedrin Migraine didn’t even helped.

08:15pm yesterday, after working by myself in the Urgent Care, I felt my head was light and the headache was not there.  I sat in my car for a little while, trying to listen to the stillness of the night in the parking lot… waiting for that throbbing pain in my head.


No tension at all.  It was quiet up there, in my head.  I can’t even hear the noise of my car engine.  Hmm… maybe the view from my nook calmed my head?

Ahh!  After all, that nagging headache I was carrying for days was just stress!  My head was still light while cruising the busy narrow street of Whittier, I didn’t mind going in circles following my schizophrenic GPS Samantha.

Back in the Kingdom now… sorting my thoughts, without the headache!


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