I don’t shop that much because I end up picking an item on impulse or I find myself going to and fro in an aisle.

Undecisive… that is me.  I wonder if I am really a Taurean when I cannot even decide on what to eat for dinner!

Ande was complaining, her stomach is growling now… she asked me if I’m hungry, I said yes.  Then she asked me what I wanted for dinner, told her I don’t know but I’m hungry.

At Panera Bread,  she brushed me aside and ordered her meal, so I thought, but I saw her handing her card to the Cashier, gave me the cup for my drink.  Without hesitation, I followed her to the table, asked her what shtunae got me… she said ‘same old, same old’.

I smiled.

That’s just me.  I chomp on my “same old, same old” or I end up staring at the menu forever or even walk out of the store empty handed… ah, with an empty stomach.

Now I wonder, how could Mr. E missed his treatment for no reason at all?

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