where there’s smoke…

Russell Patterson
Where there’s smoke…the fire alarm goes on!

While working on the floor, the fire alarm went on. Everyone was jumpy, we exchanged glances to check if it was a real one or a drill. I saw the Biomed Tech in the floor and assumed it was a drill. I continued working.

The fire alarm went off. Patients were okay, no one’s hurt.

During the 10 minutes huddle, the Manager discussed about safety especially in the break room.  It turned out the smoke came from an unattended toaster. Damn.

The Biomed Tech was quick to call the Central Fire Department to cancel for a false alarm. Good or we’ll be charged big time. On second thought, the sight of those firemen brings glitters and glow to my desk secretaries eyes. Dang!

I heard it through the grapevine.


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