time flies….

Tempus fugit.

As a little girl I wanted to become a nurse because I can choose to work at night and sleep during the daytime; but I don’t want to wear the white uniform… argh, that is not so comfy I thought.

So, instead I thought I wanted to work in a bank because I can finish at 3 pm.

After college, I worked for a Bank.  I was disappointed, after all, I cannot leave the office at exactly 3 pm, and now I am sticking to my not-so-toxic nursing career.

Time flies.  Really. f3646-how-time-flies

Anyways, Sharon’s access is not working.  For it to work, I needed to administer a de-clotting agent which will entail pausing her treatment for an hour.  I explained to her that we will resume treatment after an hour.

Time flies.

I almost forgot Sharon, one hour went by unnoticed.  I resumed her treatment but she was not happy to be running the full treatment after she lost an hour of it.  Taking into consideration the weight she gained, I conjectured it will be okay to run her for 3 hours but I explained to her that it is best to run the full 4 hours for her benefit.  She declined.

Time flies.  It’s 10 am.

I started returning Sharon’s blood and taking her off.  She didn’t notice she was in my chair for 5 hours now.

Time flies without any protest…




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