Geena and I…

It’s been a year now…

I was on a Zoom meeting with Judge Irene during my remote court appearance, she was smiling when she asked why I need to change my name.

“I did not grab the chance during my naturalization” I replied.

“But it’s a very sweet name” the Judge said.

I told her — I don’t want to be called Snooky when I will be in my 70’s.

She grinned more.

Picture this, at UCI Pavilon III lobby… the nurse is calling out for patient “Snooky”, all eyes were alerted, left and right they go searching for Snooky.

When I got up I felt the awkwardness in my knees.

That was just me and it’s decades gone now.

It’s been a year… most were used to it… but with some glitches from old acquaintances. Oh well I let it go most of the time, at least I am happy now with Geena.

Ahhhh high time to inform my siblings.


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