the new President

My Philippines has a new President and Vice President!

Recently, most Filipinos, i.e., 31 million, voted for one controversial President and a sensational Vice President during the May elections. Both candidates are in the same political team and both are children of former Presidents of the Philippines.

Even in my 20 years absence from my native land I am elated with the governance of the outgoing President as I have known his political regime back in Davao City, Sara, his daughter is now the Vice President of the land… added to that— the new President is a Marcos! I’ve always had my share of being a “Marcos baby” as I was born and grew up mostly under the new President’s father regime.

Maybe I was only a child or a teenager then but without the Marcoses, Philippines is not what it is now. Maybe I do not know how the Marcoses were wrong, but I know the ones who replaced them —- have wronged them (the Marcoses) much.

I was very happy when Marcos Jr. ran for the Office with Sara as his running mate, I kept track of all their campaigns online. He was bashed and called names and yet he succumb to all the opponent’s wrongdoing!

I was right fighting for the former President Marcos back in 1986 with my mother and aunt…. good thing my mother is not here now, I wonder what say her with the new administration.

Salamat PRRD!


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