I won’t remember you….

I won’t remember you.

I never remember anything that hurts me.

Harsh huh!

Acknowledging the pain and feeling it is one way, but the easiest way there is when you are in pain, is to suck it up and forget about it.

I did that.  Done that.

I learned to be cynical and stoical.  I never remember anything that hurts me.  When my father died, I only cried the day he was laid to rest.  I cried hard in 2013 when I left my mother in a hospital bed without all her senses and memories… and the day she died.

Crying helps.  Instead of avoiding our feelings, we can simply haul them and forget about it.  However, when events and circumstances overwhelm one to the point where they are an emotional wreck — there’s always a medicine for it!

So,  Mrs. M got her dose.  She passed away.  It was sad.  She was a happy soul.

Someone just hurt me.  I won’t remember you.

I never remember anything that hurts me.

NB: a repost… thank you Mollie for your company, love and clinginess… we will always remember you!
I will remember you.


  1. “A rat is always the underdog when it faces a dog”..but this one, i hope moli didn't do anything harsh…crying indeed help us free from hurt..pain…sadness..


  2. Is that fair to you or the thing that hurt you? You may not remember it but the sadness is still there like left over toxins or fecal matter in the colon. Processing sadness is healthy. Crying is one of the most releasing venues we have. Also it gives permission to the loved one or being that you just lost to move on. We Hu-man's attach ourselves immediately. I believe it is a throwback to our 9 first months tied to mom's umbilical cord:)

    Let Go is the best antidote to any discomfort or dis-ease or sadness or depression or to any of the lower vibrations. Just like they tell people to cough if they feel a constriction in their chest— the sheer act of the exhale releases the miasma.

    Love yourself ..let yourself cry ..mourn and then let go of all the death images so you can live again. Life is calling youuouuouououoouooouo:)

    with love,



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